The parade of team members started anniversary the 10th International Boxing Tournament in honor of Konstantin Korotkov

The ceremony of a tournament has begun with a parade of teams-participants to the sound of music of the military orchestra! Boxers from Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania were accompanied by volunteers. The Deputy Prime Minister of Khabarovsk Territory – the Minister of Culture – Alexander Fedosov and the Mayor of Khabarovsk – Alexander Sokolov have greeted participants of the  10th  International boxing tournament in honor of  of Konstantin Korotkov, having wished victories, qualitative and spectacular boxing!

The male quartet “Triumph” performed the hymn of the Russian Federation to the music of the military orchestra.

On the first day of the tournament were 23 fights.The national team of Russia has suffered 1 loss, Dorzho Radnayev has lost the fight in category to 49 kg. In the following circle there were Artur Lozhnikov (52 kg), Ovik Ogannisyan (56 kg) and Magomedmurad Arslanbekov (91 kg).

Two victories at the start of the tournament were won by the boxers of the Far Eastern Federal District team! Dmitry Grinkov (49 kg) and Viktor Panchenko (69 kg), but Denis Khaldeev (56 kg) was defeated.

Tomorrow the tournament will host 15 women’s and 28 men’s fights! Many representatives of men’s and women’s teams of Russia, as well as the team of the Far Eastern Federal District will enter the ring in their weight categories! The beginning at 12.00.

Recall that the tournament will be attended by about 30 countries from Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

Men’s and female national teams of the country are presented in all weight categories. Men – 10, women – 5.

The tournament is held from 16 to 20 May at the Lenin stadium. The beginning of the fights every day from 12.00. The entrance to the stands is free throughout the tournament.

Tickets to the orchestra seats on sale at the box office of the city.

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