Tatyana Solomatina has managed to reach the final The international boxing tournament in honor of Konstantin Korotkov

The program of the semi-final fights of the International boxing tournament in honor of Konstantin Korotkov was opened by women! The audience saw 10 fights in five weight classes. On the ring in the national team of Russia in their weight categories came Anastasia Esman, Daria Thomas and Tatiana Solomatina. Tatyana Solomatina managed to get to the finals, which will meet with a boxer from China.

Teams from Asia continue their successful performance at the tournament, 4 representatives from the DPRK will perform tomorrow in the finals. The Chinese team will also be represented in the finals by 4 boxers. An athlete from the Philippines will box in the final in the category of 57 kg.

Previously, Olga Piskunova, Karina Tazabekova, Anna Gladkikh and Elena Litvinov were eliminated in the quarterfinals.

Beginning of the women’s finals at 12:00. Men will come to the ring at 17:00.

Recall that the tournament will be attended by about 30 countries from Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

Men’s and female national teams of the country are presented in all weight categories.

The opening ceremony and finals will be watched by spectators on Sunday at 17.00 at the  Lenin Stadium. The entrance to the stands is free throughout the tournament.

Limited number of tickets to the orchestra seats on sale at the box office of the city.

See live broadcasts of all fights on the official website of the tournament.


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