The men’s national boxing team of Russia continued successful performance in the tournament!

The men’s national boxing team of Russia continued successful performance in the tournament in Khabarovsk!

Have surely won the semifinal fights Artur Lozhnikov (52 kg.) and Ovik Ogannisyan (56 kg.). The three-time winner of the International tournament of memory of the Hero of the Soviet Union Pyotr Vasilyev (64 kg) will meet in the final the boxer from Mongolia.

In the final weight category 69 kg. will meet compatriots Andrei Zamkovoy and Stepan Khitarian! The Far Eastern Saveliy Sadoma in the finals will box with the representative of the Russian national team Artem Ageev!

In category of 91 kg. the final was surely reached by Magomedmurad Arslanbekov!

In a step from the final Yaroslav Nalivayko (52 kg), Beslan Khamzaev (64 kg), dmitry Nesterov (75) and Ilya Rudenko (+91 kg) have stopped, having become bronze prize-winners of  the Korotkov memorial.

Olympic Champion, the legend of world boxing Vyacheslav Yanovsky commented on the performance of Russian boxers: “The Russian men’s team was pleased with its performance, almost all reached the semi-finals.” There are a lot of new names in the team, boxers are running in at large tournaments, this year there are no European and World Championships and therefore very strong teams brought Asian countries, serious and masterful boxers are represented in the tournament.International tournament in honor of the hero of the Soviet Union Konstantin Korotkov, is part of the 10th best tournaments of the world and without a doubt -. the best tournament in the Asia-Far East region Organizers are preparing the opening ceremony of the final fights, know that specially filmed a movie about the history of the tournament, which will show the audience I am confident we are waiting for a spectacular boxing. “!

The final fights will begin at 12.00 with the women’s program.

At 17.00 the audience will see the colorful opening ceremony and men’s final fights!

The entrance to the stands is free throughout the tournament.

Limited number of tickets to the orchestra seats on sale at the box office of the city.

See live broadcasts of all fights on the official website of the tournament.

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